Next Gen

Grow. Invest. Reach.

The Next Generation Vision…

Next Gen is a 3 year spiritual initiative targeting three strategic objectives:

  • Invest In Our Future

    Our commitment is to invest in the next generation by raising-up a generation that is greater than the last. We recognize that our future depends on reaching the next generation.

  • Involve the Church

    As a church with a maturing group of disciples committed to the mission of the church we must be intentional about raising ups the next generation of disciples. That involves engaging everyone in this vision for reaching the next generation. We are asking everyone to give an initial offering and make a three-year pledge to Next Generation.

  • Impact Our Community

    Ultimately our goal is to impact our community with the gospel. We realize that in order to impact our community we must be more committed than ever to reaching the next generation of families.

Our Purpose

Our Campus For The Next Gen

We have remodeled our kitchen and fellowship hall to provide much needed room for our entire church family, other churches in the community, and our entire community. This remodel has provided a larger state of the art kitchen and has expanded seating.

Our gym has been redesigned to provide a more modern venture for serving our church family and community. Along with the remodeling of the gym; we have added a new parking lot behind the sanctuary with over 100 parking spaces to better serve our members and community.

We are currently working to update the interior of our sanctuary, and the new bus barn / Brotherhood building is almost complete.

the exterior of West McComb Baptist Church in McComb, Mississippi

Pray for the Next Generation!

How To Join The Next Gen Journey

  • Pray For God To Work

    That you and your family will grow in faith, as we trust God to work through us. That God will leas us as we seek to impact the Next Generation.

  • Commit To Give Generously

    Even sacrificially, to Next Generation, above and beyond what you currently give to West McComb Baptist Church. Remember that God can do the impossible. Ask God to work through your generosity to make an eternal impact on the Next Generosity.

  • Take Action

    Make a 3 year Next Generation Commitment, Pray Daily

How Can I Give To Next Generation?


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